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How Do Vehicle Extended

Warranties Work?

Learn About Auto Warranties Before You Buy!


If you're considering an extended vehicle warranty for your automobile, there are some things you should know. As the name suggests, extended vehicle warranties (also called auto service contracts) offer you an extended period of coverage after your basic warranty expires. If you're spending a good bit of money on a new or used vehicle, it's prudent to consider one of these plans. Repairs can be costly, and get more expensive every day! Compare Plans Now!

Before seeking an extended vehicle warranty, it's important to understand how these programs work. Although plans vary depending on the provider, many of them offer many of the same features. Make sure you choose an extended warranty that not only covers mechanical breakdown, but wear and tear as well.

If you own an extended vehicle warranty and your vehicle breaks down or needs repair, you will simply take your vehicle to an approved service location that accepts the warranty. They will then file a claim with the insurance company. You should know that many extended vehicle warranty plans require you to pay a deductible, so be sure you understand this before taking your vehicle to the repair shop.

By choosing an extended vehicle warranty from a reputable company, you can ensure that it will be accepted at most all repair facilities around the country. Your warranty provider can tell you where you can have your vehicle repaired in the event of wear, tear or breakdown. Some plans will cover the cost of a tow truck if you cannot drive your vehicle to the repair facility. As always, make sure you're clear on whether or not this is covered before signing anything or committing to an extended vehicle warranty. Compare Plans Now!

You'll want to make sure that the extended vehicle warranty you purchase covers parts and labor. With labor rates well over $50 per hour around the country, purchasing a plan that only covers parts is not a smart idea. If you've got questions about this issue, speak to a representative at the company you choose. It's absolutely vital to make sure you're clear on all the details of your warranty before signing anything.

There are a variety of extended vehicle warranty providers out there. You can choose a brick and mortar provider, or even take care of everything online! Thanks to the Internet, there are extended vehicle warranties you can purchase from the comfort of your own home. If you have questions about the plan, there are toll-free numbers you can call where you can speak to a representative, or you can correspond via email.

Information is crucial for anyone seeking an extended warranty for their vehicle. Compare different companies and plans to make sure you're getting the absolute best plan at the best price. Choosing the right plan from the right company can save you a lot of time, trouble, and money!


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